James Wallace-Dunlop

James Wallace-Dunlop
James Wallace-Dunlop 2011

By the time I was born, my family had not lived in Scotland for two generations.   I spent most of my chilhood in North Yorkshire, not appreciating its beauty.  One never appreciates things enough until they are absent, and a schoolboy's appreciation of the scenery can be marred by being obliged to run up and down it every day.  

I had the great good fortune to read Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, at Christ Church.  It was immense fun at the time, and now allows me to tell my children that the Hogwarts dining hall was based on our.  "But Oxford was much easier to get into in those days, wasn't it, Daddy?" (thank you, Beatrix)

I live in London, am involved in several businesses [www.jdunlop.com, www.dynamicfutures.co.uk,  www.benfranklyn.in] , and try to combine work with being a father of three children, skydiving, occasional endurance events, and writing.

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